Wednesday 8 August 2012

Imaan announces 5th International LGBTQI Muslim Conference.

Imaan LGBT conference 2012

This year the UK has hosted and taken part in many events around the world including the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and also the Eurovision contest despite disappointing results from Engelbert Humperdinck came second to last. What next?
Imaan, a London based organisation for LGBT Muslims internationally is hosting its 5th ever international conference. The organisation founded in September 1998 supports LGBT Muslim’s from around the world including their families and friends to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam. Not only is the organisation the largest LGBT organisation for Muslims in Europe it Is also the second largest in the world to its sister organisation Al-Fatiha in America.
Imaan is an organisation that is a safe haven for LGBT Muslims to address their sexual orientation without prejudice in a tolerating and friendly environment. The organisation hosts many meetings throughout the year to help people come to terms with the sexuality and faith conflict and more importantly socialise and get to know people who are in the same situation. More importantly the organisation is run by volunteers without funding and is self-sufficient.
The conference to be held on the 24th of August will bring together people from all around the world hosting a haven for world academics in the LGBTQI and secular world including Christian Jewish, and Baha’i organisations. The organisation is seen as a safe haven by many Gay, Lesbian and Transgender people who struggle with their faith and their sexuality.
The chairperson of Imaan, Tawseef Khan writes, “The announcement of the conference is appropriate, as the questions of how inclusive a faith Islam is and whether its LGBTQI community have a place within it are contentiously discussed by scholars and the mainstream alike. In Imaan, we have worked especially diligently in recent years, on behalf of the membership and are proud to bring a conference to them, which essentially contains the synthesis of our community’s talent and scholarship and the issues we work against daily.”
Due to the fact that many people will not be able to attend the conference a booklet is published with the topics discussed in the conference. This will be made available for people to order soon after the conference. My next article will be about how the conference went ect see you then!
Please visit the website for more information or email me.

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