Thursday 30 May 2013

Pride London

Every year Pride London organises a parade for LGBT people and their affiliates in order to recognise and celebrate the diversity of sexuality. This year Pride London will be held on the 29th of June and will start in the morning. Pride is a time when all people regardless of sexuality, faith, gender or any other differences to come together and celebrate the diversity that brings us together. Not only is this a big street party it is also a large political stance to celebrate and embrace  the liberties that many LGBT people experience in the UK and to celebrate our sexuality openly.  It is a safe haven for people of many different cultures to be themselves in public and embrace there inner selves without the fear of prosecution. The sheer excitement that people in knowing there is a feeling of power and love shared between so many people marching together to be recognised once a year is unimaginable!

The pride will set off from Baker Street and travel down the famous Oxford Street which is deemed Europe’s business shopping streets. Later the parade will march down Regent street through to Piccadilly and then Trafalgar Square where a large scale celebration will be held.

Imaan is an organisation for LGBT Muslims and their families. LGBT Muslims have face major discrimination and prosecution for being LGBT and many of us who reside in some states still face the death penalty. This year Imaan will be running the theme of ‘Gender Bending Marriage’. This theme celebrates same sex marriage in the transgender community. Many people like myself are using this opportunity to show that Muslims can be fun and diverse and we would also like to show the Muslims community that we exist!. We hope that you may join us during our march and celebrate the diversity that God has gifted us with. For more information please email  

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